Disadvantages of Hydrogen

One of the biggest problems with using hydrogen is the fact that as a fuel the production of hydrogen fuel uses too much energy, which makes the hydrogen fuel expensive. It is also very flammable.

The pro’s and con’s of hydrogen fuel
An overview of the advantages and disadvantages of hydrogen fuel as a solution to the global warming problem. Ian Borg Bellanti, St. Julians, Malta. Tracy Han, California, USA

President Obama gets chastized over wind turbine energy – Examiner.com

Disadvantages Of Hydrogennews.google.com

President Obama gets chastized over wind turbine energyExaminer.comThe disadvantages include the fact that wind energy costs more than gas-fired plants to produce; audible, and low frequency noises; brush fires as a result of an active windmill that …

Hydrogen Powered Cars Advantages and Disadvantages


I’m hoping they will overcome the challenge of using hydrogen safely. Like any past industry hydrogen problems will be worked out because it’s the cleanest way to go.
It’s also back buy the oil companies because they like the idea of us coming to there hydrogen stations to shell over the big bucks.


Hydrogen leak at San Onofre poses no risk, Edison says – Los Angeles Times


Hydrogen leak at San Onofre poses no risk, Edison saysLos Angeles TimesThe company said it will replace a pipe fitting to stop the leak and that, in the meantime, the hydrogen is dissipating in the air and “does not pose a safety risk to workers or t …


@M4RKKKKK @TheRusslerr advantages and disadvantages of hydrogen fuel cells

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Scandinavians plan for hydrogen fuel-cell cars – Christian Science Monitor (blog)


Christian Science Monitor (blog)Scandinavians plan for hydrogen fuel-cell carsChristian Science Monitor (blog)A Honda FCX Clarity and Honda’s next generation solar hydrogen refueling station prototype are pictured at the Los Angeles Center of Honda R …



Intelligent Energy to work with IOC and several automakers to develop hydrogen fuel cell… http://t.co/8j7UPaCM

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Disadvantages Of Hydrogen

Disadvantages Of Hydrogen

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